Recently Salman Khan wrote in his personal blog -

"For the next few days you will hear and read a lot of shit about me, a lot of it. Keep on reading it…So keep on reading…read all the negatives…read till they get tired of writing. Everyone goes through this…but not for long. I say just look good feel good and do good, that’s it. I love you all."

Yes Salman Khan I am so touched, you are so right, you are so innocent and such a good man.

We love you too, and we will listen to your advice and look good and feel good.

Anybody agrees or not, when I look into Aishwarya's eyes, I can read the pain and torture she has gone through. She is so empty inside.... her life, her belief, her hopes, all sucked away by the great you. I admire you Salman.

I am your greatest fan- I am completely on your side when you get drunk and beat up women. I support you when you get dead drunk and bang on the door of weak and frail women, who live alone......

You know they live alone away from family and noone to support, and you can without anybody's fear, bang at their door in the middle of the night and scream abuses at the weaker sex. You are right and these ladies are so dumb. They shifted apartments away from parents just cos they loved you with all their faith and belief.

You are just great Salman Khan. Salman Khan is the greatest. Ask any religionless heart!


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